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We created Lozard Institute to allow each entrepreneur to have directly access to the experienced advice of real entrepreneurs, who failed miserably before knowing success an experience that no theory can replace and in addition, access to potential investments



We believe helping/incubating is the greatest asset we can bring to your company. With a strategic mentoring we help you find a market fit for your product, build out your sales and marketing capabilities or introduce you to our worldwide network.

and access to their priceless advice.


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Patrick Lee

Founder Ajuvia 

Lozard Institute is a great source of strength and support for entrepreneurs. They offer various tailored support and organizes various workshops that are down to earth and beneficial to startups. Its founder Sofiane is a great startup mentor and advisor. I have been working with him for a number of months now. He is always highly creative, attentive, and helpful. Above all Sofiane is a true gentleman. Highly recommended. Talk to him if you haven’t, today.

Sarah Selhi

founder SpaceiShare


The Lozard Institute is an amazing program for entrepreneurs. From the moment you meet Sofiane, you know instantly that he’s not only extremely knowledgeable about business, but he also cares deeply for his clients. In a very short time, Sofiane has built a successful team aiding in all things startup - marketing, video, PR and funding. Lozard is a one-stop shop for any entrepreneur, with a big emphasis on 1-on-1 mentorship, accountability and execution. He has been a tremendous help for SpaceiShare and I highly recommend him.

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