Entrepreneurship is not a job

It irritates me often when I hear people say "I'm going into an entrepreneurial activity." And I sincerely believe that this is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs fail.

We do not start an entrepreneurial project, as we start a new job. We start a new job because we want a better salary, or more time for our family, or more responsibilities, or often because we do not get along with our boss or colleagues. None of these arguments, in my opinion is a valid reason to start your business, or at least if you want the project to work and become a real success. Without this you are only staggering the next deadline to close your business and apply for a new job that will fit into the previous list.

We create a business because we want to leave behind us an impact far greater than our own, because we want to solve a problem that obsesses us and that we know that it will bring total satisfaction to our future customers, because the first motivation is not money, (not in the short term in any case) but the feeling that we have finally become useful to ourselves. This desire to make sense of our time on earth, to our daily presence otherwise than the boring 9 to 5 and wait desperately for the weekend.

That's why I say that considering entrepreneurship as a job is the first of the mistakes most new entrepreneurs make. To think that a day of a company’s founder is equivalent to a classic job is a fundamental mistake because the mindset is totally and radically different.

The mindset

This simple word is the very foundation of entrepreneurship and serves as a reference to explain success or failure. This is the first thing we evaluate, explain and teach our entrepreneurs in our mentoring program.

Definitely, entrepreneurship is not a job and never will be, that's why it is not properly taught at universities, business schools and other conventional institutions because it does not fit into a traditional program . The true mentors and teachers of the important steps towards entrepreneurial success are the real entrepreneurs who have experienced many failures before they succeed.

Sofiane Belgadi

Founder & CEO Lozard Institute

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