It's not all about billing and money.

An entrepreneurial adventure is the most lonely adventure that exists. You are often the only one at the beginning and often when you are joined by teams or co-founders, be prepared to continue alone, as this relationship never lasts very long at the beginning. People will leave quickly especially if the idea does not come from them.

What I mean by that is that getting yourself surrounded by talented people with great qualities is essential for success. Stop thinking that you have to be the smartest or the most expert to start your business. FORGET THIS MYTH.

The successful entrepreneur is the one who convinces people smarter than him to join him to develop this project and especially who gets them working together to succeed faster. This is the ideal profile of the creator of a company.

I make this little detour essential to answer the question because it is very important and I would also like you to meditate on it and integrate it well because it is key. Why is it key?

Simply because once we say that, the next steps must be to find these people right? You'll tell me, it's easy to say than to do. I will answer you with a little humor by telling you that everything is easy to say than to do to succeed as an entrepreneur, but once the humor passed and the wish to be at 1000% serious, I will tell you prepare to know the secret to attract these people.

Are you ready?

The response is:

Be a person, exceptionally good and ethical.

I can already hear "But what is this answer?" And I can understand you but I will develop.

It's not all about billing and money. That's why and how.

- Give your free time to help others

- Take care of your associates and your relatives

- Have empathy

- Get involved in charities

- Write blogs or articles to help people get answers to their problems

Do it really because it's important for you and not to sell yourself (otherwise people will discover it). Life is not made only to earn money (it is important of course) but do not run after it, it will flee you. The best way to have it at unreasonable amounts is to have ethics and a heart in what you are going through.

This momentum and positive energy that you will initiate will first and foremost benefit you and those you help, then it will attract people who will want to join you for your philosophy, your vision, your personality. And not for your money. And believe me (experience speaks here), it will totally change things. With these people you will reach summits. Your role will simply be to maintain that positive energy and have them collaborate together as a team. The result will be exceptional.

Sofiane Belgadi

Founder & CEO Lozard Institute

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