Selling is not spamming

Stop believing that an idea, product, or service is doing the business. In my opinion none of this allows a company to be successful. It's how you sell them that will make all the difference. In other words, you can have the best product (or you think you have it), if you do not know, or can’t sell it. It will remain to your eyes a beautiful product. The business cemetery is unfortunately filled with these cases. I have experienced this bitter experience in the past, thinking that my product was everything and that it was going to sell itself. But we have been educated to think that selling is bad, that selling is belittling that the salesperson is the one who missed his life and that’s why he became a salesperson. But we simply forget that we spend all of our time selling (and convincing) throughout our lives. We spend our time to convince our parents to let us do or have something, to sell to our children to do (or not do) something, to sell to our partners, holidays, a life project, to sell to our future employer to hire us, sell to your banker that you are reliable and that he must sign you the loan, sell to your landlord that you are a very good tenant and that he must accept your profile. There are millions of other examples. So why the hell do we stop doing it when we start a business, why do we become suddenly shy, why do we suddenly lose our self-confidence and especially (and unfortunately) why what we do every day becomes when it comes to our business, something bad, degrading, it becomes the feeling of SPAMMING people. You are surrounded every day by messages of brands selling their products or services, these brands you consume (sometimes excessively) so why you don’t do it for you. Are you afraid of what people will think of you? Are you afraid of being called a salesman? you are afraid of being called a spammer Let me tell you something, if you decide to start your business but you are not in the mood to sell your product or service 24 hours a day, THIS WILL NOT WORK.

If you don’t have the skill or experience in sales and negotiation, get coached. Good news it's easy to learn to sell, easier than creating a complicated technology or product, but if you don’t learn how to do it, your complicated product (which you love so much) will be forgotten. Entrepreneur friends, learn to sell. I have come across so many companies with products or services of any kind, very basics with no differentiation but which were sold with so many classes and energies that they are rich at not knowing what to do with their money. I'll tell you a secret, you buy these products every day, but shhhhuuut don’t tell anyone. When a customer tells you you are too aggressive or you insist on selling your product, multiply the approach by 10 and REPROACH HIM not to ask his team to do the same. We often blame others for what we don't know how to do ourselves

Sofiane Belgadi

Founder & CEO Lozard Institute

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