The submerged part of entrepreneurship

Dear future (entrepreneurs) friends, beware of the image of the cool entrepreneur, surfer, with big cars, a beautiful house, jets etc, etc, etc ... it does not exist without paying the price. And I'm not talking about a financial price here.

Many people want to start their own business to lead the good life, drive beautiful cars, have a yacht, spend their time traveling. This is not a mistake in itself, I mean nobody has become rich by being employed to work from 9 to 5.

But everyone wants this convenience without the inconvenience.

And there are plenty of them. Hidden, invisible almost unmentionable and too many people do not want to hear about them because it spoils the party admit it no?

Sorry to ruin the party actually but nothing happens without effort, without sacrifices and even more in the world of entrepreneurship.

Hey Sofiane, “I want to be a successful entrepreneur but I don’t want to change my habits and I want to continue doing as before”. Sorry my friend but I'm going to save you time and money, stay where you are, because what you want to do will not work.

What entrepreneurs live before they reach success:

Long days of work

Little sleep (or hardly any)

Risk taking (not just financial)

Very little or no income in the beginning (this can take a long time)

A lot of criticism from relatives, customers of competitors etc.

Do not enjoy their families as they wish

I probably forget other points on this list, so that eventually an entrepreneur can achieve the success he wants.

What is your goal, WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? why do you really want to become an ENTREPRENEUR? What do you really want to ACCOMPLISH? what PATH do you want to leave behind yourself? How do you want people to REMEMBER or talk about you one day?

Being an entrepreneur is not always fun. Before you start really and completely, define your GOAL. Write it on a piece of paper and hang it on top of your bed. You will read it every night before going to bed and every morning before starting your day. It will help you stay the course and be totally focused on your future when you want to leave, because trust me my dear future (entrepreneur) friend, you will want to leave every day

Sofiane Belgadi

Founder & CEO Lozard Institute

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